Somdej Wat Rakang

I will share the information about Wat Rakang from the book The Grand Five Scared and Valuable Buddha Amulets Introduction.

So many Amulet collector in the Thailand want to look for the Pra Somdej Wat Rakang Thai Amulet blessed with Chinnabanchorn katha. Some collector rent the Somdej thai amulet with the price is exhorbitant high about 5,000,000 to 10,000,000 Th Baht.

The book from Thai Translated in English –

  • He was ordained as a novice in 1800 at the age of 12. At the age of 21 in the year 1807, he was ordained as a monk under the Royal Patronage at Wat Praseeratanasasadaram (Wat Prakeo) in bangkok.

  • His clerical Buddhist name is Prommarungsee. In 1864 (2407 BE) at the age of 76 he was bestowed the Buddhist rank as Somdej Praputtajarn, a prominent status of Rattanakosin city (the predessessor of Bangkok)

  • His tenure in the monastery began in the reign on King Rama 1 till the reign of King Rama 5, a total of 65 years.

  • He died in 1872 (2415 BE) at the age of 85.

  • Pra Somdej Wat Rakang , was made from five kinds of sacred powers named Pattamung, Ithijie Maharaj, Puttakun and Treenisinghe.

  • The process started with incantation of Holy-Scripture, writing sutra and holy Symbols (yantra) with chalk on a slate board, erased and rewrote several hundred times over and over again. The dust gathered thus signifies the scared powder of the ritual.

  • The first collected powder is called Pattamung. Pattamung powder in then mixed with water to mold into a pencil shape, sun dried and then used in writing another chapter of sutras.

  • The process of writing and erasing is repeated as many times as stipulated in the holy sutras. The dust gathered from the second rite is Ithije.

  • The same process is performed until all five ingredients have been collected. The ingredients of five kinds are then mixed together and added to the bulk substance which consisted of ground shells as main part, others included dried cooked rice powder, crushed banana, different kinds of pollen grains, different kinds of scared powders, holy water and tung oil which is acted as a cement substance.

  • All kinds of ingredients mentioned above are thoroughly mixed as a bulk. Then a small part of ingredients is pressed into each mold made of slate (blue-grey stone).
  • 1. Pim Pra Pratarn or Pim yai
  • 2. Pim Jedee
  • 3. Pim Gate Buatoom
  • 4. Pim Tarnsaam
  • 5. Pim Prokpoh

Pra Somdej Wat Rakang of different molds were man – made in many occasions from 1867 (2410 BE) till 1871 (2414 BE) with the total of 84,000 pieces from 5 molds, equaling the number of the Dhammakkhandha (holy scriptures).

After each batch was made, incantation was recited alone over them to be sacred as much as possible. Then they were given to person who believed and respected on those Pra Somdej amulet. Most of Pra Somdej Wat Rakang were not kept in the pagoda except a small number was found mixed with another Pra Somdej Bangkoonprom in the pagoda of Wat Bangkoonprom, Bangkok province.

Somdej Wat Rakang Thai Amulet

Somdej Wat Rakang Thai Amulet

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