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Sawadee! My name is Jack. That’s me in the photo getting blessing from monk at   temple Wat Rakang. Every year one time I have go to Bangkok, Thailand to getting merit and blessing for health, happiness and luck.

What is the difference between genuine Thai Amulets and Amulets Talismans compare fake Thai Amulets and Talismans ? That’s one of the reasons why I decided to create this blog to share with you my personal experiences and help you understand between the genuine and fake.

I’ve 25 years experience in this hobby and I am share my experience, how I managed to differentiate between genuine and fake. How to authenticate and collecting the right luang phor (monk) from famous temple. I have go to collect Thailand amulets from temple and sometimes with the affordable trustworthy suppliers !


P.S. I am a devour Buddhist who seriously believe in the Law of Karma. What is the karma ? Your actions today are the karma of past actions, unfolds your destiny, you cannot escape the consequences of your actions equals to cheating and telling a lie. It will bring unhappiness to your life.

My Genuine Thai Amulets Collection



Lusit Karma

Tips on How To Buy Genuine Thai Amulets And Talismans

Important to buying a Thai amulet that is genuine and blessed from monk and temple.

  • How would you tell which Thai amulets talismans are genuine and which are fake ?
  • Where to buy Thai amulets from which website, can you judge which website is real thing.
  • What is the success ratio to buy genuine Thai amulets talismans, are there any tips you can follow to increase your success ratio ?

There are some tips to follow and help to guide whether the Thai Amulets And Talismans is from original Buddhism temple in Thailand or a fake worth nothing couple Thai baht or nickel dime. The fake amulets is made from the factory made in bulk and the normal material.

Fake Thai Amulet

First look at Thai Amulets with your eye loupe and compare with the photos and books : With my 25 years experience, I can tell you when looking 10 mm from surface Thai amulets with a jeweler’s eye magnifier loupe  (10 times power), you see the markings or hidden codes with the original photo or book released from temple.

Materials : Thai Amulets is made from powder or metal, makes no difference at all in relation with original or fake thai amulets. The material used to be from gold, silver, copper, bronze, Nawak (3 metal mix material), tin, pewter, bone, ivory, plastic, clay and powder. Now with new the 3d machinery and copy machine to make the thai amulets, I have seen all sort material can be faked easily 98 % very near to the original.

Thai amulet faking is easy and profitable, the market is big and demand is very huge. Some collectors can tell the fake amulet by looking with the eye loupe with number criteria to take into account to access a fraud claim of authenticity.

Where to buy & from : For the beginner to collect the new phra or thai amulets from the monks residing in Thailand, you suggest to go the temples near bangkok, Thailand. Or you buy from affordable trustworthy thai amulets suppliers living in thailand or from your country. You getting to know the seller from the testimonial or recommend friend from experiences to wear the thai amulets.

Beware: The seller is just want to promote the amulets, luang phor and temples. Want to sell the amulets not to know the monk history. How to monk get the title from the King from donation to hospital and school example Luang Phor Pae, Wat Pikulthong or Luang Phor Koon, Wat Bang Rai.

Homework : You have to spare your time to getting right facts and figures knowing you want to spend 100 – 10,000 US. They are Buddhist and want to share knowledge the amulets, there are outrageous claims about the magical powers of the amulets. Thai amulet seller try sell tactics- very emotional, how the good intentioned and genuine Buddhist amulet sellers present themselves. Everyday, so many thai amulets is sold on line, a high percentage of these amulets are non-genuine amulets worthless.This is a great way to build a relationship with a Thai amulet seller that is selling 100% guaranteed genuine Thai amulets.

By applying these hints and more, soon you’ll have a collected thai amulets that will last for years and price collected appreciate the value to come!

I have included the list trustworthy supplier and where to get accessories like Thai amulet book , Buddhism magazines , eye magnifier loupe at a reasonable prices. I highly recommend it especially if you’re just starting out with this collectable hobby, I recommend you get basic tool ,you get eye-magnifier-loupe.

eye magnifier loupe



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